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Company News About Rag Review – How to Choose White Rags vs. Colored Rags?

Rag Review – How to Choose White Rags vs. Colored Rags?

Latest company news about Rag Review – How to Choose White Rags vs. Colored Rags?
We offer a wide selection of white and colored rags for you to choose from.
Which one should you choose? Color rags or white rags? Let us explain so you can make an informed decision.
latest company news about Rag Review – How to Choose White Rags vs. Colored Rags?  0
White Rags
White rags are a good choice if you need to see what you have cleaned. Let’s say a mechanic is plugging a leak and he wants to see the color of the oil. Or a painter wants to make sure he wipes off all the excess paint. In this case, white cotton rags are recommended. This is definitely a huge benefit if you want to see what you are wiping. You can still see most things you wipe with colored rags, but it is not as visible as with white rags.
White rags also reflect the hygienic side. It is difficult to cover up a dirty white rag. Therefore, they look more hygienic than colored rags. In most industries, when hygiene is a concern, white rags look more professional.
Color Rags
Color rags are less likely to show dirt. If your job is dirty and you are going to reuse rags, then color will be better in the long run. Overall, the most popular color cotton rags are recycled color T-shirt rags that can be used a few times and then discarded. However, if you’re looking for something durable and sturdy, our towels are a great color rag that’s worth checking out. They can also be sorted by color to create a hygienic environment – ​​this is often recommended for microfiber towels. We have detailed information on rag products on our website if you want to learn more.
You’ll also notice that color rags are generally priced lower than white rags across the industry. So if you’re looking for the cheapest option, colored rags may be for you. You can also find all of our color rags in stock on our website.
Well, it looks like a tie, with both white and color rags winning! You can’t go wrong with either one. Just make sure to think about what you’re going to use the rag for before you decide.

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